Arm Care Special Report




Is your arm care program causing you increased pain and decreased performance?


Special message from Joe Mullins, M.Ed., LAT, ATC…

This report is for the baseball or softball athlete or parent / guardian of a baseball or softball athlete who thinks playing with pain is normal or who may be unaware of the proper steps in caring for their arm.

For 20+ years I have treated and reconditioned baseball and softball pitchers (both amateur and professional). Application of sound research and recognition of injury predictors over those 20+ years has equipped me with the ability to not only prepare the athlete for competition but also assist the athlete with maintenance care for the arm throughout the season.

Throwing athletes lose range of motion and strength each outing. If the arm is not “reset” after each outing, the throwing athlete stands to lose effectiveness as the season progresses. The below special report will help you understand the importance of caring for your arm.



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