Athletic Training & Conditioning, Inc. is a company with two primary objectives. The first of the two objectives is being devoted to assisting athletes and the physically active in maximizing their potential through developing efficient athletic movement patterns leading to improved athletic performance. Skilled athletic movements are complex in nature and require multiple body parts to work in a synchronized and efficient manner. 

When an underlying movement dysfunction exists, an athlete’s body will compensate in attempts to complete the complex movement pattern.  This compensation causes the athlete’s body to become “out of sync”, decreasing performance and predisposing the athlete to injury.

Athletic Training & Conditioning, Inc. feels that inefficient, dysfunctional, compensatory movement patterns can be identified.  By identifying these faulty movement patterns early, preventative and corrective measures can be put into place BEFORE an injury occurs.

Athletic Training and Conditioning, Inc.’s viewpoint is that an assessment of the athlete’s current movement patterns should occur and movement optimization exercises should preclude “bigger, faster, stronger” interventions.


Sports Performance and Athletic Rehabilitation Center”


The second objective is to offer athletes and the physically active an alternative to traditional insurance based therapy services of co-pays and percentages. Athletic Training and Conditioning, Inc. utilizes a fee for service cash model where the client pays a flat fee per session for rehabilitation services. 

Athletic Training and Conditioning, Inc. is unique in that it is owned and operated by Joe Mullins, M.Ed., LAT, ATC a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) licensed in the State of North Carolina. Athletic Trainers are healthcare professionals trained in the care, prevention, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. With over 20 years of outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation experience, we can assist in your athletic rehabilitation needs.

Athletic Training and Conditioning, Inc. – “Put a SPARC in your game