When considering athletic rehabilitation for injuries two components are necessary to fully understand the extent of the injury. Identifying the STRUCTURAL issue (the anatomical structure that is contributing to the pain) is only half of the equation.

Understanding the FUNCTIONAL aspect of the injury reveals weaknesses and flexibility imbalances that cause movement dysfunction and compensatory movement patterns. Often times when a tight muscle or structure is identified, the muscle or structure that performs the opposite action of the tight entity is found to be weak. Knowing the common patterns can lead to a more efficient evaluation and effective rehabilitation program.

Athletic Training and Conditioning, Inc. utilizes a functional approach to the evaluation and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

Skills gained over the past 20+ years of treating athletes from youth to professional sports include:

  • Manual Techniques
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Techniques
  • Joint Mobilization Techniques
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization Techniques
  • Functional Movement Assessments
Athletic Training and Conditioning, Inc. offers athletic rehabilitation for the following:






What Others Are Saying

“In the spring of 2016 our daughter suffered an injury while playing soccer. We took her to an orthopedist and had an MRI. She underwent six weeks of physical therapy. She improved but was not 100%. As she entered the spring of 2017 season, her last high school season, she asked to see another PT. My husband and I asked Joe if he could help her instead – and help her he did! When Joe met us he evaluated Camille and in 10 minutes had an idea what was wrong with her. After three visits with Joe she was feeling good and kicking the ball like she hadn’t in a couple of years. Joe helped her play soccer without pain. She is now at college without pain. Thank you Joe for helping her when nobody else could. We highly recommend Joe to everyone we know with a child in sports” Marti Abbott

I have had the great privilege to know and work with Joe Mullins for over ten years. I firmly believe that I would have never had the opportunity to play college soccer at the University of South Carolina without him.  I first met Joe when I was 10 years old and my parents and I were immediately impressed with his keen perception and vast knowledge. He quickly became a staple in keeping me healthy and on the field. On top of that, his training helped boost my performance tremendously. Over the course of several years I went to Joe for a plethora of injuries and strains. He never failed to treat me with the utmost respect and gentleness, all while pushing me to my physical limits. I trusted Joe completely. So it only made sense to call him up after I twisted a knee during my very first high school soccer game. As always, he made time in his schedule to see me and help me get an appointment with a physician that very day. During the appointment I learned I had torn my ACL. For a girl who had only ever known soccer, it felt like a death sentence. I will never forget how Joe quietly slipped into my exam room to hug me and cry with me and my family. I will never know how he managed to set up appointments for an MRI and surgery all within a week, but after that we got to work. Coming back from an ACL injury with the hopes of getting recruited to play soccer at the top level is no easy feat. I would have been utterly lost without Joe’s capable hands. Joe made me a stronger, quicker, and faster soccer player but more importantly he made me a better person. My suffering was his suffering and my victories were his as well. It was a physically and emotionally taxing experience and I know there were many tears of frustration and disappointment but most of those have faded from my memory now. However, I can still vividly recall Joe’s hug and high five when I ran for the first time after surgery.  And I still remember how he would beam with pride every time I hit a new milestone in recovery. While he always took time to indulge in my silliest stories and make fun jokes, I would never leave in any other condition except sweaty, out of breath, and stronger than when I first arrived. We got the job done in six short months and had a lot of fun doing it. Only Joe could turn a seemingly insurmountable recovery into hundreds of fond memories. He has been such a blessing to my family and me and I know I could call him up night or day for anything. He is unfailingly reliable and a man of great character and integrity. Any athlete is lucky to work with him!” Claire Studebaker